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How to identify the high light machine tool is good or bad

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A device used to cut metal materials, and metal hardness are generally relatively large, the cutting tool requirements are relatively large, but in the procurement of high light machine tool, can not be on the spot test knife, only to buy back after use Know the quality of the tool, then we should from what aspects to identify its good or bad? The following by the World technical staff to tell you:
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First: understand the number of tool material particles. The high number of materials is a good tool for the premise.
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Second: the tool connection at the thinner the better. The thinner the tool, the bigger the rake angle is, the sharper the tool is.
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Third: observe the smoothness of the tool nose. The tool nose is smooth and the friction of the tool is small during processing, which can greatly extend the service life of the tool. Also on the other hand, the quality of the tool grinding is good.
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Fourth: observe the cutting edge of the tool. To select the cutting edge of the tool, although the wide edge can increase the strength of the tool, but once the blade slightly wear, the blade will participate in cutting, resulting in sharp decline in the life of high-ray machine tool. Carving industry requires cutting force is small, sharp tool features, choose narrow blade is very necessary.
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The above is to share with you today, the high-light machine with high strength and smooth movement, suitable for high-speed processing, and motion-driven selection of servo system, with high-precision moving parts, the maximum speed of 15m / min, carved into To a speed of 6m / min.