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Does the high light machine really?

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High-ray machine is based on the characteristics of its processed products named after its shape similar to the engraving machine. So what about the high light machine?
High-ray machine in the small pattern of processing, than the high-speed machining center to do to the meticulous, while processing faster. High-speed machine relative to the CNC milling machine and machining center, the advantage is a small tool fast engraving, the shaft motor and spindle motor power is small, not suitable for clamping large and long tool, not suitable for open, Z-axis travel relative to CNC milling and processing The center is much smaller.
Double table repeatedly alternating parts, widely used in single-piece processing time is short, frequent loading and unloading of the workpiece occasions, a substantial increase in machine tool processing and utilization.
High-ray machine with gantry structure, improve machine stability; machine using granite bed, improve the precision of the machine, stability. High-ray machine is now more popular with a welcome product, it can be used in many places, high-ray machine on the technical requirements are higher.