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What is the role of high-light machine?

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What is the role of high-ray machine? Today, please high-ray machine manufacturers to come for everyone.

The machine adopts the gantry structure to improve the stability of the machine. The whole machine adopts the granite bed to improve the precision and stability of the machine. The double table is used to replace the parts alternately. It is widely used in the case where the processing time is short and the parts are frequently loaded and unloaded , A substantial increase in machine tool processing and utilization.

High-ray machine equipment structure is stable, high precision, processing products, the surface effect is excellent.
High-speed machining machine tool key components screw guide with Japan THK precision level, to ensure high precision machine. With high strength and smooth movement, suitable for high-speed high-ray machine processing.

High precision automatic knife control system, the use of pneumatic knife on the import spindle, the device is the industry's high precision, fast, stable and reliable high-end equipment. Motion-driven servo system, cooperation with high-precision moving parts, the maximum speed of 12m / min, the highest carving speed of 7m / min.