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CNC high-speed machine base part

CNC high-speed machine base part


CNC high-speed machine stand refers to the equipment of the chassis or components, so that the use of equipment or installation of accessories, CNC high-speed machine seat classification?

1, square section frame: simple structure, easy manufacturing, the box has a larger space to accommodate other parts; but slightly less rigidity, should be used for smaller load occasions. So the base should choose the appropriate wall thickness, ribs and shape to ensure that under the action of gravity, inertial force and external force, there is sufficient rigidity.

2, circular section frame: simple structure, compact, easy to manufacture and design, have a better carrying capacity.

3, cast iron plate assembly frame: cast iron plate assembly structure, suitable for local complex shape of the occasion. It has the advantages of short production cycle, low cost and simplified mold shape and casting process. But the stiffness is worse than the overall box base, and the processing and assembly of the larger workload.