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High-light motor heat will have any effect

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As we all know, high-ray machine is widely used in the production of metal materials, mass production and processing, but a long time to make high-light opportunities happen hot phenomenon, then this situation on the light machine what effect? The following by the World technical staff to tell you:
High light machine
The temperature range of the high-temperature motor is mainly determined by the insulation level inside the motor. Under normal circumstances, the internal insulation performance of the high-light machine will be destroyed at high temperature (above 130 ℃), that is, if the internal temperature of the high-light machine does not exceed 130 ℃ , The motor will not be damaged.

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So, how to measure the temperature of the high-light machine, you can use the thermometer for a rough judge, you can also use drip to measure, when the water droplets in the high light machine, the rapid gasification, then the high-light machine internal temperature of 130 ℃ (When the temperature of the high-light motor reaches 130 ° C and above, the surface temperature is above 90 ° C), that is, the high-light machine motor is damaged.

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In general, the motor heat does not affect the life of the high-light motor, so we do not have to worry too much. However, a serious motor fever (temperature above 130 ℃), it will make the internal parts of the motor changes, a direct impact on the high-speed machine motor response speed.

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So you need to find a professional high-ray machine maintenance personnel for repair and treatment, should not be familiar with the internal structure of the high light machine, unauthorized removal of high-light machine, to avoid causing secondary damage! At present, the high-speed machine drives the servo system, cooperates with high precision moving parts, the maximum movement speed is 12m / min, the highest craft speed is 7m / min.